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The Murano Glass Slipper

The Murano Glass Slipper is a Cinderella retelling. It picks up where The Rose and the Mask left off, and stars Faustina’s best friend Chiara – plus a few other familiar faces! Here are the details.

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Chiara has always dreamed of finding love. With her family on the brink of financial ruin, though, it’s money she really needs. What she gets is Leandra, a seasoned con artist who makes an unconventional fairy godmother. Leandra has a plan, and Chiara’s just desperate enough to go along with it.

Occasionally-charming Domenico isn’t quite a prince. He’s an English earl living a secret, quiet life in Venice, at least until he makes an ill-considered bet with Giacomo Casanova. Now Domenico has a second false identity to maintain, as well as a glass slipper to find. With all that to deal with, he needs to avoid distractions—like the irresistible stranger he keeps running into. The only problem is, he’s falling in love with her.

Dancing with Domenico is the best feeling Chiara’s ever had and, as Carnevale draws to a close, she realises she’s found the man of her dreams. Now all she has to do is break his heart…

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