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So, that was March

I’m way better at concentrating on writing and generally getting things done than I used to be – which is good, obviously, but it does mean that I frequently find myself looking up blearily from the keyboard like, “Wait, where did the week go?” I’m still certain it’s been winter for a billion years, though.

I should update you on some of the things I talked about in my last post. Well, you’ll be glad to know that I have managed not to update the covers of the Fairytale Masquerades books for over a month! Woohoo!

I’m still honestly not sure if the new covers are an improvement. A few people have told me they liked the original ones better. I do think the new ones are more commercial, but I can’t actually tell whether they’ve improved sales because there are so many other factors that affect those.

Speaking of sales, I should tell you about the promotions I mentioned. First, you may remember that I was excited about The Murano Glass Slipper being selected for a Kobo promotion until I got the Bookbub promotion for The Rose and the Mask. It’s just as well that the Kobo one was no longer the biggest thing on the horizon, because nothing really happened with it. Er, well, actually, literally nothing happened: I didn’t sell a single copy. The book was one of a huge number of books in the promotion and really wasn’t any more visible than it had been before, so that was kind of disappointing.

As for the Bookbub… it was good. Not quite as good as I hoped (which is a theme around here), but good. I really wanted to hit or beat the average sales figure Bookbub say they get for that promotion, and I missed it by quite a long way. However, the promotion did still make a profit within a few days (which is far from a given in book marketing) and got things moving on both the non-US Amazon sites and the non-Amazon retailers. Even when The Rose and the Mask was doing pretty well last spring, it didn’t make much of an impression outside the US, and it’s famously tough to start making sales once you “go wide” (i.e. leave the Amazon-exclusive Kindle Unlimited and post your books on other retailers). Since the promo at the end of February, I’ve seen a good trickle of sales in other Amazon territories and on other retailers – though, if I’m totally honest, it seems to be more or less drying up now.

At the end of the day, though, The Rose and the Mask is over a year old, and doesn’t fit very neatly into a genre, so it’s quite possible that it’s just gone as far as it can go. That brings me to my next book, which I’m honestly very excited about (despite the vague glumness that’s probably coming across in this post… I’m having an “ugh” kind of day). It’s coming out next… uh, this month. And I’ll tell you all about it next time 🙂