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Rescuing the Prince is AVAILABLE NOW!

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That was fast! It seems like only this morning that I was posting this, and… oh, wait.

Anyway, here it is, in all its glory! It’ll be 99c for just a few days before going up to full price – so, if you think you might get 99c worth of pleasure out of a lighthearted story about a grumpy prince falling in love please do snap it up!

the cover of "rescuing the prince" by victoria leybourne. A young woman in a dress gives a thoughtful sidelong look to a man in a suit, who glares back at her

If the slipper fits…

Prince Cor of Seingalt is about to announce his engagement. The court, the country and the world are waiting to meet his fiancée. The trouble is, he hasn’t got one. He needs a fake, and fast.

Rhian Rothe is trapped. With her dreams of stage stardom in tatters, she needs a new opportunity—enough to agree to play Cinderella to an arrogant prince. But this is no fairytale, and Rhian’s not the one who needs to be rescued. If Prince Less-Than-Charming wants her help, he’d better start acting like it.

Sparks fly as soon as the pair meet at the palace, and it turns out that the only thing Cor hates more than lying to his country is working with Rhian. But nothing is as it seems in the royal court—and, no matter what, the show must go on.

Rescuing the Prince is a sweet contemporary romance novel for fans of fairytales, tiaras and happy endings.

Click here to get your copy!


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