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The Rose and the Mask: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling IS NOW AVAILABLE!


OMG, you guys. I’m so nervous. My book is OUT THERE. People are going to BUY IT (hopefully) and READ IT (hopefully) and REVIEW IT (yay but also *incomprehensible panicked squeaking*).

I’ll be back later with more news for you but right now I need to take a break from feverishly checking things and have several large cups of tea. In the meantime, if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, here are some links that may interest you!


Faustina is a beauty and a thief, not necessarily in that order. She doesn’t believe in magic, just luck, and hers has run out. The last thing she needs is to get roped into a ridiculous revenge plot by her brother—especially when that brother is Giacomo Casanova, Venice’s most notorious libertine.

Benedetto Bellini has never been particularly lucky. The fact that he’s under a beastly curse proves that. Now he’s got a second problem, one that’s washed up on his island in its undergarments and attempted to steal his silverware. He finds Faustina intriguing and infuriating in equal measure. And, thanks to the curse, he’s stuck with her.

Faustina doesn’t know what to make of the sweet, shy and deeply irritating man holding her captive. Does he have something sinister in mind, or is he just trying to keep her safe? And why won’t he take off his mask?

Available in paperback and ebook editions from:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA
Amazon DE | Amazon FR | Amazon ES | Amazon IT | Amazon NL | Amazon MX | Amazon IN | Amazon JP


6 thoughts on “The Rose and the Mask: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling IS NOW AVAILABLE!

  1. Congratulations on the release of your book.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my god, is this what happened to Faustina? You made a BOOK, holy crap congrats!

    For a good solid three or four years when I was 12-14, I spent hours every afternoon reading FanFiction.Net. I loved and respected your BatB fics as Answer so much, they were so INTELLIGENT and FUNNY, I could compare you to some of my favourite authors I had back then.

    This week all my friends have been going to see the new film, and even though BatB is THE FILM of my childhood and my life (I was picky with my fandoms, the fact I was there in BatB ffnet at all is noteworthy), my personal hype for the remake really snuck up — within an hour a conversation with a friend turned to “MY GOD WHY HAVEN’T I RE-READ RELAPSE AND DROPPING EAVES AND ALL THE FUN OTHER STUFF YET. I WONDER WHERE ANSWER IS, WONDER IF FAUSTINA’S DONE”

    and here we are and I’m so pleased for you!!!


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