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a water colour mask on a background of a watercolour painting of a galaxy, with gold text


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So I freed myself from the obligation to write a post a week and then failed to post at all for over three weeks. I’m sure you’re all shocked. Shocked.

The good news is that I wasn’t just catching up on Netflix and sneezing, although that adequately describes the weekend I’ve just had. (Remember this post about how comprehensively I fail to cope with the common cold? It was exactly like that.) I also DID MY SECOND EDITS! Actually, now that I look at my last post, I see that I hadn’t quite finished the big First Edits then, so, uh, I finished those first! But then, a couple of weeks later, also the second ones!

And then the Best Editor Ever (TM) took a look at them with me, and we hashed out a few final details, and now… THE BOOK IS DONE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Oh! Oh! Oh! I also re-named it. Again. Yeah, I know, I didn’t even let you recover from the first shock before laying that second one on you. Your minds must be blown.

While I’m starting to think that I might be a maybe-kinda-sorta-okay writer, I yield to no one on the subject of my crappiness as a a… titler? Titelist? Titleatrix? (Probably not titleatrix.) I’m really, really bad at titling things. And I certainly wasn’t attached to “Venetian Masks”, it was just the best I’d been able to come up with after taking an alarming nearly-three-years to think about it. Ideally a title should be a) clever and intriguing and b) attractive to your target readers, and “Venetian Masks” was pretty “meh” on both fronts. When my editor suggested changing it, I decided to learn from those years of failure and give up on a) (I honestly believe I could write another bloody novel before thinking of a clever title for this one) and focus my efforts on b). And I decided to go with The Rose and the Mask. Final answer.

a water colour mask on a background of a watercolour painting of a galaxy, with gold text

It’s not very clever but, as a fan of Beauty and the Beast retellings, if I heard of a book called The Rose and the Mask I would at least check it out to see if it was BatB-related. (Or possibly The Phantom of the Opera-related, but I’d guess there’s an overlap between those fandoms.) And that’s pretty much exactly the effect I’m going for. So, The Rose and the Mask it is!

I’m so excited to have got to this stage, because there were oh-so-many times when I thought I wouldn’t. As for what’s next… well, to give you the short version, there are some pre-release marketing activities I want to try, and a lot of very complicated formatting things to do that will probably make me invent some new swearwords. (For the long version, stay tuned – I’m going to share my To Do list and some detailed posts about the self-publishing process in future posts.)

And then… publication! I’m 95% sure when the release date will be, but don’t want to share it here until I’m 100%. It’ll be early March, though, so stand ye ready! (Oh, and do feel free to join my mailing list over on the book’s website! :D)


One thought on “Updates!

  1. YAY! Awesome news on being so close to the release. I look forward to the official release date being announced, and then to reading it.


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