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2016 Week Forty-Seven: Here is what is up

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Okay, so clearly I’m not feeling the whole blogging thing quite as much at the moment as I have been at other times. I’m glad I set the goal of posting once a week this year, and I’m proud that I’ve nearly achieved it, but I’m thinking of loosening it up next year and just aiming to write 52 blog posts in 2017. Given that some weeks I want to write multiple posts and others I’m like “literally nothing happened this week in my life or my brain, here’s a gif”, that should work better for me and make my blog more consistently good, so yay for that.

Here, in no particular order, is what is up with me and my writing this week:

It is cold and dark and it is making me sad. 😦

Also, after that period of intense concentration on getting my book finished, my already-poor attention span has degraded to, like, five seconds. Yesterday I started making cups of tea no fewer than five times, got as far as applying boiling water to a teabag twice, added milk once and then drank half of that cup before I forgot about it. I’ve already wandered away from this blog post at least twice. I really need to get it together, though, because… dun dun duuuun…

MY BOOK IS BACK AND IT BROUGHT EDITS!! I’ll try and do a post about the editing process once it’s over and my brain hopefully has slightly less in common with a… with a… yeah, I don’t know why I thought I’d be able to come up with a metaphor right now. The edits have given me a lot to think about but it was less painful that I thought it might be. I haven’t even had to have the “nooooooo my precious bookbaby has been torn to shreds woe is me!!” cry I was fully expecting to require before I got stuck in.

I’ve been getting so many hits to my original Wattpad Futures post this week that it’s actually freaking me out a bit. I’m not used to people paying attention to me! Why do you think I named the blog The Opposite of Popular??

The other day everyone on my Twitter was suddenly playing with dress-up dolls from this site and it was kind of the best thing ever. Predictably, I got carried away.
a fairytale-themed virtual dress-up doll a disney princess-style virtual dress-up doll

six tudor-themed virtual dress-up dolls

a Venice carnival virtual dress-up doll

That’s all for now, folks.


One thought on “2016 Week Forty-Seven: Here is what is up

  1. Regarding blogging: Hey, whatever works for you.

    Regarding your book and its edits: That’s awesome!

    Regarding poor attention spans: I read somewhere that kind of thing generally happens because you’re trying to think too far ahead in your day, so your brain is moving on to the next task before you’re done with the current one. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it makes sense. Anyway, that means the only way to do something like finish making a cup of tea the first time you try is to only think about the tea while doing it. Don’t think about what you’ll be doing after you make it, just focus on the process of doing so. Obviously the same process would work for any task. I don’t know how well it would work, but in theory it’s supposed to do the trick, and it’s worth a try, right?


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