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2016 Week Forty: Everything is fine

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Well, I’ve set a deadline to finish Venetian Masks. A proper deadline, not just “the end of October”, which sounded sufficiently soft and cuddly in my head that I wasn’t really scared of it.

A proper deadline. 29th October. Two weeks today.

It’s fine. Everything’s fine.

I mean, hypothetically, if everything were not fine, it would be because:

  • I’ve worked on it for over 2½ years, which is literally 10% of my life.
  • I’ve worked harder on it than on anything I’ve ever done before.
  • Paying to have it edited is saying “Hey, I guess I won’t do just one more quick year-long deeply excruciating rewrite”, which is something I’ve apparently never said about it before.
  • I took a huge leap into the unknown by switching to part-time work to write it. I mean, obviously that has done startling things to my finances but, way more importantly, it’s a break with conventional wisdom that I’ve been waiting, terrified, to be punished for by the universe ever since.
  • Approximately 95% of my sense of self-worth is bound up in whether or not I’m any good as a writer. If I’d written this quickly and not tried that hard, I could have been like “haha, pfft, nah, of course it’s not very good, I just dashed it off in a spare moment, I can do better, obviously, haha”. But I think you all know that I tried.

Just as well everything’s fine, right?


This is actually not that new, I just forgot to post about it here because of how fine everything is. I bought and have been making it look pretty. Check it out! Everything just redirects back here at the moment but until you find that out it’s not bad, right?

I also live-tweeted another Beauty and the Beast movie. This time it was modern high-school retelling Beastly. That was also not this week. This year is somehow going by too fast and yet not fast enough.


One thought on “2016 Week Forty: Everything is fine

  1. Well, I’m glad everything is fine. 😉

    Seriously… Everything really is fine. There comes a time when you just have to let a novel loose to fend for itself, and hope for the best. Maybe it will do so well you’ll be able to afford that castle up in Scotland, and maybe it won’t. If you never let it go, you’ll never know. So take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and release your baby out in to the world. It’s time, and everything will be OK. Once you’ve done that, go celebrate your achievment.

    Then come back, sit back at your computer, and start work on the next book, secure in the knowledge that the years spent working on the last one will have taught you things that will help you make the next book even better, regardless of how well the first book does or doesn’t do. Yeah, I went there. But that’s how it works.


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