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2016 Week Thirty-Eight: A Very Merry Blogiversary


It’s my second blogiversary! (And the first anniversary of the first time I used the word “blogiversary”, which I referred to last year as an ugly portmanteau, or ugmanteau, making this my first… ugmanversiteau?)

Come, join me in a mosey down Memory Avenue as I look at all the stuff I’ve been smearing over your screens in the last year.

  • Speaking of Carl, he was also responsible for my acquisition of Angus, the eight-foot plush caterpillar. Everyone is sceptical of Angus until they have a cuddle with him, and then I have to stop them from stealing him. Luckily, it is not easy to secrete an eight-foot caterpillar about one’s person. (By the way: Toys R Us still has them. Do with this information what you will.)


finally, balance. fortune biting a vain jerk. return our candy.


Me and Carl sitting on a rock feeding ring-tailed lemurs. We each have one on our laps and there's another one by Carl's elbow.

  • I wrote about Wattpad and the Wattpad Futures program – both pretty popular posts (I guess because it’s information people actually want – versus information about giant caterpillars, which they don’t KNOW they want) but I haven’t been able to follow them up because there just isn’t that much news about Wattpad. Damnit, Wattpad. You could have been my niche.

The front page of Wattpad - basically just a sign in box on a pretty background

A Peanuts comic strip. Snoopy sits on the roof of his doghouse with his typewriter. He writes ""Help!" she cried. "Help!" then keeps adding!s until they start to push him off the roof.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, folks. I appreciate your existence and your willingness to absorb my weirdness enormously. Here’s to another year! ❤


2 thoughts on “2016 Week Thirty-Eight: A Very Merry Blogiversary

  1. Is it weird that I didn’t think it strange that you wanted – and own – an eight foot caterpillar, but was more bewildered by the fact said caterpillar is called Angus? Not that there’s anything wrong with the name, it just strikes me as not being the kind of name your average caterpillar gets called. But then, I suppose that might be why it was chosen? Perhaps you wanted your caterpillar to stand out from the crowd of other eight foot long cuddly caterpillars?

    Anyway, happy bloggerversary!

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