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2016 Week Twenty-Seven: It’s a TIAAAARAAAAA


Carl and I went to a Medieval Festival. It was awesome. Carl was rocking a kind of Guy of Gisborne look and I got a tiara because I am a medieval elf princess.

A selfie of me and Carl in our medieval gear.

There aren’t enough places you can go in a tiara. Or, not pictured, a cloak.

Yesterday I wrote an 800-word covering letter for a job application which I’m sure can only end well.

Writing (of things besides covering letters) is going okay. I think.


3 thoughts on “2016 Week Twenty-Seven: It’s a TIAAAARAAAAA

  1. Glad you appear to have enjoyed the medieval festival, and that your writing seems to be going well.

    Good luck with the job application.


  2. Well, *of course* you’re a medieval elvish princess. That’s apparent even without the tiara. That said, the tiara is utterly fetching.


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