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2016 Week Twenty Five: New Glasses!


I broke my glasses at the weekend so I got new ones. I was basically rocking the Harry Potter held-together-with-Sellotape look for a couple of days there.

selfie of me in my new glasses. They're black on the outside with blue visible on the inside of the rims.

Kinda looks like I wasn’t wearing any clothes when I took this but I can assure you that I was.

I buy my glasses online for like £10 so I take a fairly relaxed attitude towards them.

Other than that, I’ve basically been writing my butt off (up to 20,000 words on the new draft, woooo!) so I haven’t thought of anything to say to you. Which, given the average length of my recent posts, will probably come as a relief.

Anyway, how are you?


2 thoughts on “2016 Week Twenty Five: New Glasses!

  1. I’m glad replacing your glasses wasn’t a huge expense, and that your new draft of your book is coming along well.


  2. Those glasses are amazing. And your selfie game is utterly on point.

    Also, YAY WRITING!!!


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