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2016 Week Twenty-Two: New cover (again) plus bonus rant about dead people


Just woke up from a nap (don’t judge) and realised I haven’t done a weekly post this week. You’ll be pleased to hear that I’m all navel-gazed out from my epic post on What It Means to “Be a Writer” so I’ll keep it short.

I made this:

Book cover - Venetian Masks by Victoria Leybourne. A swirly font for the title and a contrasting one for the author name and subtitle: "a beauty and the beast retelling". There is a watercolour painting of a gold mask decorated with pink flowers in the middle.

Previously in the cover saga: these.Ā I’m really pleased with this one (kind of like I was with the others, until I wasn’t). It’s so pretty! And it looks nice in thumbnail! And it’s so pretty!

Things that have happened this week:

I woke up crazy early one morning with an inexplicable pain in my shoulder and ended up watching The Tigger Movie and then going for a walk that ended up in a graveyard, where I got annoyed on behalf of all women who died in the 1800s. They don’t even get star billing on their own gravestones. What’s all this “Mary, wife of DUDE MCMANFACE” crap? Where “Mary” is in tiny font and then the man’s name is in GIANT ALL CAPS. Who’s dead, mate, you or her?

I’m between temp assignments at the moment so I’m definitely making my own amusement.


8 thoughts on “2016 Week Twenty-Two: New cover (again) plus bonus rant about dead people

  1. Considering the fact that women at that time generally got no recognition for things even in life, I expect they’re grateful to even have their names mentioned in that capacity on their gravestones.


  2. I LOVE the cover! It’s simple but so pretty!


  3. The cover is lovely!

    That’s some serious graveyard BS politics.

    Also? Yay for The Tigger Movie! šŸ˜€


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