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2016 Week Eighteen: Look at this bunny


I’m up to my neck in a sudden attack of PLANNING on my novel (not ideal two years into writing it but better late than never, I guess) and have nothing to say to you, so please enjoy this teeny tiny toy rabbit. And if the teeny tiny toy rabbit doesn’t give you any joy, then perhaps the image of me squealing over it so hard that I actually cried a little bit and then laughed uncontrollably for a solid fifteen minutes in the middle of a shop will, because that happened and I’m still recovering.

a teeny tiny stuffed rabbit toy with huge eyes and tiny ears sitting on the palm of my hand



3 thoughts on “2016 Week Eighteen: Look at this bunny

  1. I hope your novel is going well. How close to finnishing do you think you are now?

    I don’t plan things with my writing. I go in to it with an idea – sometimes a vague one, sometimes a very detailed one – and see where it takes me. Then I go back and do re-writes to tidy up the bits that are a mess (like deleting or changing scenes that no longer work with the story as a whole, and adding details I would have put in if I’d known exactly where the story was going). I’m very much a “pantser” as they say.


    • Well, it’s 80,000 words long and technically very close to the end, in its current incarnation, but the ending is a bit of a mess and I’ve got to rewrite a lot of the earlier stuff to fix that. So this plan is almost for a whole new draft, sadly.

      I always thought I was a pantser, but this is two drafts that have fallen apart after tens of thousands of words due to lack of planning, so I’m forcing myself to plan from now on! I’m jealous that pantsing works for you, though!


      • Sorry to hear you’re pretty much having to re-write the whole thing. I hope this is the last time you have to do that.

        Some people never need outlines, some people always need outlines, and others need them for some stories but not for others… That’s just the way it is. As long as you’re enjoying the writing itself, and the story gets written in the end, it doesn’t really matter.


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