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2016 Week Seventeen: OOOOWWW


I got my ears pierced the other day. Kind of a lot, actually.

A selfie where I've awkwardly tilted my head so the three piercings in my left ear lobe are visible. Adorned with doge text (see link below): "much pierce. so hole. many ear. wow."

It is apparently very hard to get a decent picture of me where you can see my ear and eventually I got bored and decided to be a doge meme.

I didn’t have any piercings at all before that. When I was younger I was all OH NO I DON’T THINK PEOPLE ARE MEANT TO HAVE HOLES IN THEM THANK YOU but I’ve been gradually changing my mind and then all of a sudden I decided to do it. And I am an all or nothing kind of person so I got three in one ear. (There’s only one in the other ear, I’m not THAT badass.) I told the piercing guy that I was probably going to cry and that he should just ignore it but he said I would be fine and I was. It actually barely hurt at all, until about fifteen minutes after we left when suddenly that top one hurt quite a bit. I was also convince there was going to be blood, because my body often bleeds with very minimal provocation, but there wasn’t. Overall I’m very pleased with them and seem to be developing a habit of throwing my hair back and going “THREE PIERCINGS, ONE EAR!” which is sure to win me lots of friends and admirers.

This has been your stream-of-consciousness recap of my first tentative experience with body modification.

Other things that have happened this week:

I finished up at another temp job, finally got to use a bit of Faustina that I wrote about a year ago before I was anywhere near the right part of the story, and actually bought some groceries so that my fridge contains something other than lemons. (Why lemons? I don’t know. Why anything? What is life?)


2 thoughts on “2016 Week Seventeen: OOOOWWW

  1. I have three piercings in each ear. I don’t remember the first one… I was two when it was done. But I know the second wasn’t too bad, and the third had a bit more of a sting to it. They say the further up the ear you get pierced, the more it hurts. I’m not brave enough to get a piercing higher up and test that theory… Three in each ear is enough, thanks!

    I can think of worse things to have in the fridge than lemons…

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    • Yeah, I didn’t realise that the top one would be more painful until the guy said “Right, let’s get the top one over with!” and I was like “Why–OH!” I think I also miscalculated how much ear space three piercings would take up!

      And yes, there have definitely been worse things in my fridge than lemons…


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