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dog on a computer. Caption: I have no idea what I'm doing.

2016 Week Ten: Things I Would Like To Like More Than I Do


This post is late again. Same excuse as last time (i.e. none).

I thought about doing a “pet hates” list but that seemed a bit whiny so I decided to go for something a bit more aspirational.

Things I Would Like To Like More Than I Do

  • Perky, energetic people. They’re great. Really. It’s so awesome that they wake up every day and are like “Woohoo, another day! Awesome! I’m gonna live the hell out of it!” but, I mean… ugh. Some of us are just trying to drink eight cups of coffee and reminisce about our beds in peace, you know?
  • Dogs. I actually do like dogs, I just feel like I want to like them more, because that would probably make me a better person. I guess they’re like perky, energetic people (i.e. great but exhausting) only with fur (which is good) and a tendency to get drool on everything (which is not). I enjoy meeting dogs and would like to get one if I ever become a real adult who can be relied upon to walk it every day. But I relate to cats on a spiritual level. I, too, believe in frequent naps in warm places and doing things only because a) I want to or b) there’s food in in for me. Like cats, I am bewildered by dogs’ enthusiasm and eagerness to please.
  • Frozen. So pretty! So popular! So much cute merchandise! Maybe it’s the fact that I had Feelings about the last half-hour or so of the movie or maybe it’s just that I’m inexplicably hard-wired to hate things that everyone else loves (God, breathing is so mainstream… *suffocates in a way you probably wouldn’t even have heard of*) but I don’t like Frozen. And I want to. Because look how cute everything is!
  • Twitter. You know what, it’s been about two years since I made my current Twitter account (@fluxcapacitory), overlooking some abortive earlier attempts, and I still only barely get how Twitter works. Like, I see other people create tiny, perfect little clusters of words that make excellent points or hilarious jokes – or both, sometimes. And I see interesting conversations break out. But I have no idea how to pack anything I might want to say into 140 characters, or how to join in a conversation in a way that isn’t weird and awkward (“Oh hey there random strangers, I also have views about the issues of the day, perhaps we might discuss them in brief but beautiful twee—“), or how to avoid feeling, when I do timidly venture a tweet of my own, like I’m chirping into a void. I’m starting to think that people are either genetically able to use Twitter properly or not, like that tongue-rolling thing (which I also can’t do).

Does anyone else have anything they’d like to like more than they do? Or do you all just manage to like or not like things like normal people?

Things I did this (erm, last) week:

  • Wrote this epic post about Britishness that you may or may not enjoy. So technically I did get a blog post out last week, it just wasn’t a weekly blog post. Do keep up.
  • Finally wrote some Faustina, which I feel quietly good about.

See you next (erm, this) week!

dog on a computer. Caption: I have no idea what I'm doing.


6 thoughts on “2016 Week Ten: Things I Would Like To Like More Than I Do

  1. I feel exactly the same about cats and dogs: cats win because of their non-needy natures. And I didn’t much care for that O2 ad about Being More Dog. Given what I’m currently writing, I feel I ought to like the great Fantasy novels more…I’m not much of a fan of door-step style books, which they all seem to be. Could do with a ruthless editor, usually.

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    • I don’t know, as ads go I kind of appreciate one with a swaggering and marvellously fluffy cat. But I know what you mean.

      I do, however, COMPLETELY agree with you about papery doorsteps. I also don’t enjoy the big fantasy tomes as much as I think I should. I guess I like my fantasy lighter – both in the sense of being simple and funny rather than earnest and complicated (Pratchett rather than Tolkien) and that you don’t dislocate a shoulder carrying one in your bag.

      In fact, hefty books in general would have been a perfect thing for me to put on this list. I’ve always loved reading, but I’m definitely a less-is-more type of person. But I do wonder if reading a really chunky novel now and then would make me feel like *A Clever Person* with *An Attention Span*, which might be nice.

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      • And yet a good book (Count of Monte Cristo, for example) can get you over the doorstep no problem. But generally, they do tend to feel like the editor was too scared to to his/her job properly…But less is definitely more in the majority of cases.


  2. I enjoy reminiscing about my bed. It’s lovely bed. So warm. So comfy.

    I too feel as though I should like high fantasy more than I do. And also literary fiction.

    I also feel like I should like dogs more than I do. I mean, part of the reason is that I’m allergic to most of them, and hives suck. But part of it is often they have a certain smell. And I loathe the smell. And they’re super earnest and they just want to be friends, and I just want to maybe look at them and not interact with them. Or smell them.

    Modern art is one of those things I feel like maybe I should like more than I do. But…it’s just so…modern.

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