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2016 Week Nine: “Research”


This post is kiiind of late but, if you think about it, it would be Sunday if this wasn’t a leap year and can I really be held accountable for the vagaries of our calendar? Come to think of it, I should have tried that as an excuse for not going to work…

Those lovely humans among you who are following Faustina will have noticed that it has morphed into Venetian Masks and not been updated in… a certain amount of time. I decline to check because I don’t really want to know. Basically, I had writers’ block and I was really, really sad about it. Which you might have picked up on from my previous posts (although, I don’t know, I am PRETTY SUBTLE, you guys).

Anyway, thanks to some help from some awesome people, I’m starting to feel like I might be able to pick it back up again in the very near future. So big hugs to those people, and also to readers of Venetian Masks/Faustina for your patience!

Here is an important thing I have learned over the last few weeks: when you are claiming to be a writer you can – if you are sufficiently sad and desperate – designate just about anything as “research”.

Books? Obviously. Movies? Sure, someone has to write them, and when you watch like eight of them back-to-back on Netflix, it’s probably just because of your dedication to learning everything you can about writing. Videogames? Well, heck, those are just really long, interactive movies! You should play all of them.

Thanks again for bearing with me while my brain temporarily melted. Now that I’m beginning to scoop it back up again, hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of me taming dinosaurs in Wales sometime in the mid-1990s. If you have been to Wales and were not torn apart by dinosaurs there, you probably have me to thank.





5 thoughts on “2016 Week Nine: “Research”

  1. I feel like you should be recognized for your efforts in preventing Wales-based dinosaur maulings.

    Here’s hoping that your brain is all in order post-scooping.



  2. Yes I’ve been to Wales, heck I was born there 🙂 and I think I’ve saw them tamed dinosaurs 🙂 oh and I was thinking about it being a leap year if you took the day away would it not be Tuesday? Not too worry we still follow you’re posts anytime 🙂


    • Thanks for commenting! Always good to meet a Welsh dinosaur connoisseur! What I think I meant with the days was that if you deleted February 29 from this year then all the dates afterwards would move back a day so March 7 would be on a Sunday. Maybe? I’ve confused myself now!


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