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finally, balance. fortune biting a vain jerk. return our candy.

2016 Week Eight: Haikubes


My birthday was this week. I am 25. It’s a little scary – I guess because it means I’m no longer under 25? Yeah. I know. I’m pretty deep.

My mum gave me these:


They’re Haikubes: basically, dice with words on them. There are two that give you your title or theme and then the rest just contain different words. You roll them all and then piece together a haiku. For example:


A Reflection On My Work Life

Fortune looks clever
Stick to the lofty journey
Finally hellbent.

I was quite pleased with the next one. I got philosophical:


A Dream About My Future

Life which promises
A gorgeous peace after my
Glorious dancing

But I feel like this one is probably my masterpiece:


A Vision For Our World

Finally, balance:
Fortune biting a vain jerk.
Return our candy!

Now I just need a really big box of them to write a novel with.

See you next week!


5 thoughts on “2016 Week Eight: Haikubes

  1. I’ve got a set of story-cubes, which give a character, an object, and the setting of a story. I like the haikubes. And don’t worry about no longer being under 25 – growing up is optional…

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