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Am I Fruit?


I didn’t used to drink alcohol. I do now, and I’ve been gradually figuring out which drinks I do and don’t like. On New Year’s Eve, Carl and I decided to speed up the process and I tried six at once. Side effects included Great Old One puppetry and attempting to smoke Red Dwarf, the eponymous mining ship from the TV series, like a cigar.


7 thoughts on “Am I Fruit?

  1. So, inquiring minds want to know…on a scale of 1 to 10, how hideous did you feel the next day? Also, you scored the Jack Daniels entirely too high, (it’s ass in a bottle – as is beer), and I’m now wildly curious about that elder flower stuff. 😀 Oh, and I love puppet Cthulhu! 😀

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    • I was fine, actually! I did drink a looooot of water though. I kept saying “Carl….Carl….Carl…’Mi gonna have a… hangover?” And he was like “Here, have some water.” And all was well!

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      • Carl is wise. Very wise.

        My sister didn’t fair so well. This is the text I got from her late on the first:

        I went clubbing until 4 am.

        I don’t know what anything is.

        I was with Bill. And Simon.

        And a cadre of gay men with glitter in their beards and wearing suits.



      • Hahaha! Sounds like she had a good night, though!


  2. PS: I’m pretty sure you are fruit.

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