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So, it has come to this.



I bought 50 candles.

Quick question: how eccentric can you be before it stops being endearing? Asking for a friend.


6 thoughts on “So, it has come to this.

  1. I have tealights that I purchased…seven maybe eight years ago that I’m still burning. I think candles are how women express their love of fire that men get out by using a grill. 😉

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    • You could be on to something there. Burning stuff is fun.

      I actually have a bag of 100 tealights in my bathroom (because… candles go great with baths? Where do you keep 100 tiny candles?) but apparently they don’t have the same inspirational qualities as dinner candles. (I couldn’t figure out how to link it on my phone but I did a post yesterday on how candlelight seems to be helping me write at the moment!)

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  2. I have a metric f*ckton of candles in my house. Most of them are autumn-y scented. The entirety of the lower shelf in my office closet is taken up with candles. And every time I’m given a Bath and Body Works gift card, my husband bemoans his lot in life because he knows that gift card means only one thing. More scented candles.

    More importantly, if the candles are helping you write, then keep burning them!


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